Gluten Puffs with Chick Peas

Gluten Puffs with Chick Peas

〈Vegetarian, made in Taiwan〉

★ Organic chick peas with a sweet and mellow taste


  1. Rich in saturated fatty acids and high in protein, chick peas with a sweet and mellow taste are selected and served with chewy gluten, creating a nutritious multi-layer taste.
  2. Also known as garbanzos and Egyptian beans, chick peas are rich in such nutrients as saponins, Biochanin A, Isoflavones, protein, fiber, iron, zinc, folate, and various saturated fatty acids. Chick peas have also been nicknamed “king of the beans” and “longevity beans.”
  3. Exclusive stewed broth goes well with rice, noodles, stir-fried vegetables, and broth.
  4. No preservatives, chemical pigments, or artificial spices are added to assure health and safety.


  • Volume: (1)Can:150g / 160g / 200g  (2)glass bottle:170g
  • Ingredients: Fried gluten, water, chick peas, sugar, soy sauce paste, soy sauce, crystal sugar, salt, and potato starch.
  • Expiration: 3 years (unopened); once opened, keep refrigerated and consume as soon as possible.


  • Ready to eat, ideal for porridge, as a side dish, and various dishes.
  • The pleasure of two flavors in one can.