With years of insistence on Taiwanese cuisine, Chin Yeh has been widely recognized by numerous consumers. Looking back on the 1970s, Chin Yeh Restaurant transplanted its successful experience to prepared foods in order to make delicious Taiwanese cuisine available to consumers around the world. Chin Yeh Foods Co., Ltd. was thus founded to produce prepared foods that feature authentic Taiwanese cuisine. Traditional techniques have been adopted in the production process to retain the special taste and nutrition of Taiwanese cuisine, and no additives are used to maintain the quality of products. Regime-based prepared food has been launched to fulfill the idea that healthy food is readily available.

Chin Yeh Foods Co., Ltd. has consistently insisted on producing various products without preservatives, artificial spices, or chemical pigments and providing tasty, authentic, and convenient food for customers. Chin Yeh produces every one of its products with a prudent and responsible attitude. Over the past few decades, our products have been widely recognized by food businesses and consumers. In the future, Chin Yeh will continue to provide a variety of choices and even more delicious food for consumers.