Chin Yeh Makes Canned Products with Conscience

Commercial Times  2012/2/29

Founded in 1970, Chin Yeh Foods Co., Ltd. has consistently insisted on producing various products without preservatives, artificial spices, or chemical pigments and providing tasty, authentic, and convenient food for customers, making it the top brand of canned food widely recognized by consumers.

Minced pork, meat sauce, and steamed minced pork with pickles are best-sellers in the early stage. As people observe a vegetarian regimen on the first day and the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar in Taiwan, Chin Yeh launched various “Vegetarian Gluten” products and received support and recognition from consumers. According to a survey conducted by a food research institution, Chin Yeh is considered one of the top three brands by domestic consumers and accounts for a high market share in Taiwan. Among all serial products, “Fried Gluten” has dominated the market. Chin Yeh’s products are sold in traditional markets, hypermarkets, department stores, supermarkets, organic markets, PX Mart, and welfare centers for military, public, and teaching personnel, as well as overseas markets in the U.S. and other countries.

As the canned food market has matured, the total output has declined by 10% or more over the past decade. Nevertheless, Chin Yeh has maintained its growth momentum thanks to its management’s commitment to innovation.

President Chen indicated that Chin Yeh has focused on business innovation in recent years. In addition to improving marketing channels, the company also added production lines and launched Organic Sweet Corn, Chick Pea Gluten, Peanut Glutens, and Red Yeast Rice Gluten to meet consumers’ needs. This approach has been the key to the company’s growth.

President Chen also pointed out that most people consider canned food unhealthy. In fact, the ingredients and production processes of canned foods conform to the organic concept. Chin Yeh has insisted on producing canned food without preservatives, artificial spices, or chemical pigments through traditional techniques, with the aim of retaining the special taste and nutrition of Taiwanese cuisine and providing tasty, authentic, and convenient food for consumers.