Cream-Style Organic Sweet Corn

Cream-Style Organic Sweet Corn

〈Vegetarian, made in Taiwan〉

★ Organic local corn with Tse-Xin organic certification


  1. Organic local corn is harvested every morning and peeled and packaged on the same day to preserve its original freshness and sweetness. Insisting on organic ingredients, Chin Yeh grinds fresh corn into cream style organic sweet corn with the most authentic flavor.
  2. Corn is rich in dietary fiber and a variety of nutrients, making it a great choice for both adults and children.
  3. No preservatives, chemical pigments, or artificial spices are added to assure health and safety.


  • Volume: (1)Can:120g
  • Ingredients: Water, non-genetically modified corn (grown in Taiwan), organic sugar (Brazil), corn starch, salt.
  • Expiration: 3 years (unopened); once opened, keep refrigerated and consume as soon as possible.
  • Certified by: Tse-Xin Organic Certification Corporation.
  • Organic Produce Certificate No. 1-009-210027


  • Fresh and abundant corn is used to make cream-style sweet corn. Fresh and healthy, Organic Sweet Corn is ready to eat and goes perfectly with soups, salad, and stir-fried dishes.