Stewed Minced Soy Protein

Stewed Minced Soy Protein

〈Vegetarian, made in Taiwan〉

★ Made of non-genetically modified soy protein that brings an excellent traditional taste


  1. This is Taiwan’s first stewed minced soy protein made of non-genetically modified soy protein and stewed with an exclusive sauce to create a sweet and savory taste.
  2. The savory taste and chewy structure is best for rice and noodles.
  3. No preservatives, chemical pigments, or artificial spices are added to assure health and safety.


  • Volume: (1)Can:120g /150g
  • Ingredients: Water, non-genetically modified soy protein, soy sauce paste, soy sauce, soybean oil, sweet sake (water, fructose, koji rice, salt), mushroom head, crystal sugar,yeast extracts (yeast extracts, maltodextrin, salt), salt, sugar, marinade seasonings (star anise, cassia oil, galangal, bay leaf, nutmeg, and toona sinensis), sesame oil, mushrooms, white pepper (pepper, starch, chile pepper, natural flavor, maltodextrin), ginger, xanthan gum, and sweetener (stevioside).
  • Expiration: 3 years (unopened); once opened, keep refrigerated and consume as soon as possible.


  • Ready to eat. Suitable for office workers and those eating out. Can be used in stir-fried/boiled dishes, dip sauce, and broth.